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POP-UP Food Giveaway!

North Florida Pediatrics is partnering with Hedges & Highway Outreach Ministries to provide…A FREE BAG OF GROCERIES for OUR NEIGHBORS IN NEED.

Food bags will be given away while supplies last! (Estimated 150 bags available.)

Tomorrow Friday May 22, 2020 from 1:30pm – 3:30pm!!

Directions: Come from the south, (State Rd 441 onto SW Malone ST.->

Make a right into the “Epiphany Catholic Church” parking lot to begin to line up in the “U Shape” where cars will receive a ticket for food->

Once cars register and receive their ticket, they will be directed by attendants to make a left onto SW Malone ST. into the back parking lot of Marion Crossing Plaza, where the food is being distributed. ->

DO NOT PARK OR GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE, as food will be placed directly into the trunk of your cars to provide “contactless-distribution”. ->

Cars will be directed left on SW Newland Way to exit. PLEASE SHARE!!

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