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Scheduling Appointments For your Child During the COVID-19 Pandemic:


North Florida Pediatrics is committed to continuing to serve the health care needs of your children. It is our priority to keep all our patients and staff safe and to avoid the spread of the Coronavirus.

Below are the guidelines we have implemented for scheduling all types of appointments, well and sick, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


If your child is exposed to a lab confirmed COVID-19 case or has history of travel to a high-risk area (international, cruise ship, etc.) DO NOT go directly to our clinic. Call us so we can direct you on what to do; if testing is needed, we will schedule the testing in a specific location. You will be asked to stay in your car during testing.


If your child has fever and/or cough but NO exposure to a lab confirmed COVID-19 case, nor history of travel to a high-risk area, call us so we can schedule a same-day-sick visit appointment in the afternoon. We want to make sure that we limit the potential spread of germs by those who may be infected, therefore we ask that upon arrival at the clinic, please call us from your car. We will inform you if the exam room is ready, or if you need to wait in your car for a room to be available.

***If you really feel that your child should be seen earlier in the day (morning) let us know as we have designated rooms to separate sick and well children. ****


If your child is coming for a well child exam, behavioral visits, medication refills, family planning and/or other non-respiratory infectious problems we will schedule these visits in the morning. We have designated certain exam rooms in each of our clinics to be used for well child visits and noninfectious visits only. We highly recommend that our younger patients (below 2 years old) continue to get their vaccinations as we want to prevent another wave of health care sickness in the next few months because of unvaccinated or under vaccinated infants and toddlers.

***If it will impossible for you to come in the mornings for these types of visits, please let us know as we will place you in the designated room(s) and try to accommodate you in the afternoon. ***

Please do not bring your children to Emergency Rooms or Urgent Care unnecessarily. Call us first.

Social distancing is being observed in our lobbies. Additionally, most of our locations have designated “sick” and “well” waiting areas, and we are observing the utmost sanitation protocol of our exam rooms and lobbies.

Also, we are in collaboration with the local Health Departments, infectious diseases experts, hospitals and are following the guidelines of the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for your cooperation in scheduling your child’s visit,

Your North Florida Pediatrics Team

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