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Suwanee Healthy Start Community Baby Shower

February 2nd, 2020 Suwanee Healthy Start held a community baby shower! It was a great opportunity for all the new expectant moms to gather and collect useful items, and information for their future bundles of joy! There was many different businesses there, and fun activities, we met so many wonderful people! North Florida Pediatrics was able to set up a table and represent who we are, & what we are looking forward on doing for our communities! We were able to spread the word and provide helpful information to future patients and friends!!

We were so happy to see all the lovely moms out there! Even some dads tagged along, a few grandparents! Such a nice time to get together and be there supporting one another!

Elizabeth Mclaughin, (Community Outreach Coordinator) seen in most photos. She was able to talk and personally connect with everyone who came to our table. We truly wanted to express to each and every single person our re-creating culture! We want everyone to know what North Florida Pediatrics is about! Who we are becoming!

Enjoy the Photos!

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