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Tips for Grandparents of a Newborn

We didn't forget about our grandparents! Here are some tips:

​As a grandparent, your role can be especially important in the lives of not only your newborn grandchild and his parents, but also the other children in the family.

Give the New Big Brother or New Big Sister Attention Make sure you pay plenty of attention to the older sibling(s), who might feel a little neglected with all the attention showered on the baby. You can serve as a "pinch hitter" when the new parents are adjusting to their infant by planning some special activities just for you and the baby's older brother(s) or sister(s). For example, make time for the sibling(s) with:

  • Trips to the store or other activities

  • Car rides

  • Appropriate stimulating times with music or reading stories

  • Sleepovers at Grandma's house

Help Your Daughter or Son Adjust You can play other important roles to help your daughter or son adjust to the new addition to their family. Help them with cleaning, shopping, and other errands.

Share Your Wisdom At the same time, without being overly intrusive, pass along some of your own wisdom and reassurances about baby care. For example:

There will be times of frustration for the new parents, such as when the baby is crying excessively and is difficult to console. Provide support and encouragement for the parents—and give them a breather, if possible, by taking the baby out for a stroll in the carriage. The insights and assistance of both grandfathers and grandmothers can have a calming and "life-saving" effect on new parents.


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